Tree of the month: Final words

Final notes on Coconuts


Tree of the Month: Coconutty Mcnutty

Continuing from where we stopped last time, I will be explaining how to plant a coconut tree and we’ll take it from there. Soil types/conditions: Coconut tree thrives in highly fertile sandy soil, also a region with high humidity which is why they are common in tropical and subtropical rainforests, Coconut requires warm conditions and…

Tree of the month: Nuts about Coco

Jumping right into it today from the last post I wrote, let’s quickly get into the history of the Coconut tree. What’s in a name? “The coconut shell was described a coco, or “grinning face” of a monkey because of its 3 dark holes at its base which look like a pop-eyed merry face. From…

Tree of the month: Coconut tree

  Happy new month guys!!! When you hear coconut tree, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the gentle waves of the beach somewhere in Hawaii, under the beautiful coconut palm , sipping juice from your coconut fruit. A Coconut tree is way more than providing shade and a snack. Sit back,…

Tree of the month: August

As usual I start something and then I become lazy and stop but I’m coming back this new month with my Tree of the month series, getting in more posts and pictures. For the month of August, I will be talking about the COCONUT TREE… Articles ranging from the facts about the Coconut tree, to…

Tree of the month: Masquerade Tree

New month!!!! New tree! Today I’ll start of with the introduction of one of our more popular trees in Lagos!!! The Masquerade Tree Quick facts:  Botanical Name: Polyalthia Longifolia Common Name: The Masquerade Tree Genus: Polyalthia Family: Annonaceae This tree is native to India and as a country in the tropics, Polyalthia Longifolia also thrives…

Juicy yellow Mango

Follow my mango series here and here So I started the Tree of the month this month and I will be rounding up this months tree soon seeing as the month is about to end. Common name: Mango tree Botanical name: Magnifera Indica Its great how once you finish eating mangoes you can just throw…

Tuesday tips

Use leftover tea and coffee grounds to acidify the soil of acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias and even blueberries. A light sprinkling of about one-quarter of an inch applied once a month will keep the pH of the soil on the acidic side. After you boil or steam vegetables, use it to…

Sweet beets

Beetroot. Nobody ever told me beetroot was this sweet, why haven’t I had beetroot in all the years I’ve spent on this beautiful earth? Beetroots are… My Aunty, God bless her sent me some seeds a while back and beetroot was part of them, during that period I was in the process of moving and…

Tuesday treats

Today is all about my favourite garden-centric blogs. –The patient gardener She talks about her garden here and she has this delightful section called the ‘Table of delights’ where she talks about the plants she has on a table in her patio. – The Dirt, this is the blog of ASLA (American society of Landscape…

Tuesday treats

Enjoy the pictures. All images from my instagram feed. Love and light. x ‘Loba

Tuesday treats

Over the weekend my cucumbers that I have been carefully nurturing upped and died on me, noticed there were too many pests feeding on them plus I’m also sure the alkaline level of the soil was too much for it, off to do more research on how to fix that and tackle the pest issue….

Tuesday treats

I’m currently in a weird place. It’s so hard,  so hard. I have more pictures today to cheer me up and you too. – As you all should know, I’m a Landscape Architect so hire me. 10 reasons here why you should. All the pictures,  and gardening tips from some gardens on my instagram feed….

Tuesday treats.

What a time to be alive. Lately I have been down in the dumps and I wondered if there was a correlation with gardening and depression and I found this great article that talks about it. This very detailed analysis of different categories of plants, that I’m trying to tailor my plants database page after….

Tuesday treats

What better way to kick-start, than using the city I love the most:  Singapore: This is my dream city,  what really drew me to Singapore is the fact that in as much as they are this world power that is usually characterized by concrete jungles, we actually have real jungles right in the city centres….

No words

Recently my sister, Tomilola of Arike Arts took some pretty pictures of my tiny little nursery. Enjoy 🙂 Love and light. ‘Loba

Marsala, Oh yum!!

I don’t usually follow trends and such but for some off reason( actually meaning I have no reason at all, which is also ok) I decided to get into this year’s Pantone colour of the year, I give you Marsala! That vibrant, full bodied richness of Marsala, Oh yum! What better place to look for…