Tree of the month: Coconut tree



Happy new month guys!!!

When you hear coconut tree, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the gentle waves of the beach somewhere in Hawaii, under the beautiful coconut palm , sipping juice from your coconut fruit. A Coconut tree is way more than providing shade and a snack. Sit back, relax under your coconut tree while I educate you on the Coconut tree.

Quick facts

Common name: Coconut tree

Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

Genus: Cocos

Family: Arecaceae


While the specific origins of the Coconut tree is still been debated, it it generally accepted that it originated in the Indian-Indonesian region, dating back to over 50 million years ago. The Coconut tree is a large palm that grows up to 30m high and and a tree cover of between 4-6m wide, there are generally two classifications of the coconut tree, the tall and the dwarf tree, with proper care and good growing conditions a tall coconut palm can produce up to 75 fruits/year.

Coconut tree thrives in rainforests, tropical and subtropical regions especially along the coast in sandy and saline soil which is why coconut trees are popular on the beaches.


My next articles will be on the detailed facts about the coconut tree

  • History of the tree, localization, where it is grown, its different species
  • Facts about the coconut tree: height, tree cover
  • How it can be cultivated, duration of its growth
  • Pictures, Lots of pictures.
  • Fun facts about coconut

Fun fact:

The coconut palm tree is the national tree of the Maldives. 

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Love and everything green,



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