Sweet beets


Nobody ever told me beetroot was this sweet, why haven’t I had beetroot in all the years I’ve spent on this beautiful earth?
Beetroots are…
My Aunty, God bless her sent me some seeds a while back and beetroot was part of them, during that period I was in the process of moving and didn’t have enough time to focus on my gardening.
I later settled in and planted some beets, they died because of the salt content in my soil so I decided to transplant after a while into my pots and that was the best decision I made then.
I slowly watched it grow, the leaves becoming wider daily, the red stems stretching longer and longer as the weeks went by, then one day I figured it had grown long enough and I decided to do a little research on harvesting, and I saw that I had even let it grow on for too long (this was about 4 months now) the article said between 6-8 weeks.

Sample of what my beet leaves looked like

So I harvested my beets that evening and was a little disappointed on the size of the beetroot, looking at the size of my leaves I was expecting something a little (a lot) bigger that this, even at that I was very excited to harvest my very first beets.

My sweet Beets

Now this was the first time I had planted them and I didn’t even know what to do with it so while I researched  I saw I could eat it raw, I quickly peeled the skin and chopped into tiny cubes and popped one into my mouth and the sweet crunchy juices burst in my mouth, it was a delicious dance and merging of sweet and crunchy, I never knew anything like it before I quickly diced the rest and put some in the indomie I was cooking and immediately the red pinkish colour overshadowed everything else in the pot, while softening. Popped the rest of the cubes into my cup to make tea.
I also chopped the beets leaves and cooked.
Every part of the beetroot is great as a garnish in food, eat the beetroot raw, cooked or even juiced.
I quickly planted a new batch and I’m patiently waiting to harvest a bucketful this time around.


Share the love and eat Beets


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rayva says:

    Please how do I get beet root seedlings in lagos nigeria. I also want to plant it.

    1. 'Loba says:

      Hi, I’m not too sure but you can try Shoprite in Lekki or Ikeja, should find some there. Let me know.

  2. sabiraho says:

    Ugh this just sounds delightful. lol at putting it in income. I’ve never had beets before either. Also my hopes and dreams of a home garden are kinda dead at the moment 😦

  3. I love to juice beets. I’m also super lazy so cleaning my juicer is out of it. I usually get the beet based juice from Simply Green (can I be a brand ambassador? I love you guys!!!). Super delish

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