Tree of the month: Final words

Rounding up on this month series, I will be bringing the Coconut closer to home.

Like I said in this previous post, Coconut trees thrive in sandy soil, what also happens is that the roots of the coconut tree pulls the sandy soil and it helps to prevent erosion and flooding around the beaches which is why you find a lot of coconut trees growing naturally around the coast lines along the Atlantic. It is very important to as much as possible preserve your natural habitat because while it is also aesthetically pleasing more often than not, there is a structural reason why somethings are in the places they are.

The Yoruba name for Coconut is Agbon, while coconut oil is Idi agbon, in Igbo it is called Aku oyibo, while in Hausa language its called Kwakwa.

How do you know when your coconut is ripe? Tap the coconut with your finger, if it sounds hollow, it is fully ripe.


Love and everything nutty




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