Tree of April: Mango tree



Just as I intimated in my new ¬†Tree of the month¬†page I am starting a new section on here and this month’s tree is…..

Magnifera Indica also known as Mango.

I will disseminate information in small articles throughout this month on things you didn’t know about the Mango tree. Articles ranging from:

  • History of the tree, localization, where it is grown, its different species
  • Facts about the mango tree: height, tree cover
  • How it can be cultivated, duration of its growth, season of the mango
  • Pictures, Lots of pictures.
  • Fun facts about mango abbl..


Short introduction

Magnifera Indica is a fleshy stone fruit tree, it belongs to the flowering plant family of Anacardiaceae and it is native to South Asia and can be found in most sub-tropical and tropical regions like our Nigeria. They are evergreen trees and their leaves are orange-pink when they start to grown and change to dark red as it matures and finally green at its full length of 15-35cm. There are over 400 varieties.

Quick facts

Common name: Mango tree

Botanical name: Magnifera Indica

Height of tree: 35-40 metres high

Tree cover: 5-10 metres

Yoruba name for mango is mangoro, Igbo name is popo (take this with a pinch of salt as the only reliable information I found was on Nairaland).

Mangifera indica - Mango Tree 02


Its the season, enjoy.

love and everything green




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