Myth 1: Gardening in tropical climate like ours is NOT a tough task, just admit you actually need to do a little bit of research before you start (like everything else in this life)

Typical harmattan weather in Lagos, Nigeria: Source

So getting right down to it. Every plant needs the basic Water, Sunlight and Fertilizer every other thing is serenren (extra). You just need to know the right ratio of Water: Sunlight:Fertilizer to use for your plants to make one rich and healthy soil.

– Make sure you water your plants regularly. Morning and night unfailingly, because of the extremely dry weather, water evaporates faster than it normally would even during dry season so it is important to water your plants to keep the moisture.

– Fertilizing: Pay special attention when buying fertilizer, make sure not to buy fertilizers too rich in nitrogen because it stunts the plants growth.Using manure tea to fertilize is better because it is more nutritious. Using human urine as manure because it is rich in minerals can be beneficial to your plants*.

– While all these is great, but to make the best of Harmattan: Grow more succulents, Succulents are plants that store moisture in their leaves so usually they do not need constant watering, they are characterized by their fleshy roots, leaves and stem. Some examples of succulents include Aloe vera Aloe vera, Prickly-pear cactus Opuntia humifusa, Sedum, Hens and Chicks Sempervivum tectorum, Living stone plant Lithops species.Personally I have some Aleo vera in my garden so I can guarantee that it is the best and I haven’t even watered them for months going now and its still as fresh as it was when I planted it.

A type of Cactus

* I haven’t tried it but I plan to very soon so I will come back with my observations soon.

Don’t forget to drop your comments, or email me at greensandgarden@gmail.com for questions and/or corrections.

Thanks 🙂

Everything Lush and succulent



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  1. Abayomi says:

    I have this unquenchable thirst for gardening but effort to build one has failed repeatedly.i relished how you had successly grown ur lush aloe-vera;mine died prematuredly.albeit,my problem is not far-fetched,my place is slightly water-logged making plant-thriving a bit difficult.may i ask:what plant can survive this type of environment? Thanks.

    1. 'Loba says:

      Hi, thanks a lot! Right now I’m on a self imposed hiatus so I’m not growing a lot but for plants that thrive in water logged areas, a couple of lilies do.

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