Concrete Lagos and Gardening.

Happy New Year People!!!! Lagos. There is this “problem” in Lagos that is synonymous with most mega cities, High rise buildings, apartments and the whole concrete jungle syndrome, now imagine a young couple, working in corporate Lagos, living the dream in those chic apartments, no gardening space, this is where container gardening comes in.

While I was doing my research in apartment gardening I came across an abysmal amount (read none) of information/ articles on this topic which while I wasn’t surprised considering its Nigeria and we have little to none of Landscape information specific to Nigeria on the interwebs, made me all the more determined to get this guide out.

Depending on the scope you as a young savvy couple want, I want to give a break down of what you’ll need to achieve the greening of your apartment in Lagos.

A nice custom made container gardening. source: unknown
Inspiration: A nice custom-made container gardening. source: unknown

First I’ll start with pots:

You can get pots from your local road side horticulturists, depending on the space you want to use for gardening, if you have space in your kitchen, the small sized pots will do say about 5cm diameter or even smaller, or if you have a balcony, open space leading to your front door/ leading out from your back door larger 17-30cm diameter pots would do.

A typical 17cm diameter pot, this will be good for balconies.
A typical 17cm diameter pot, this will be good for balconies.

If you are on a budget, using old containers/ discarded buckets/ empty water or coke bottles is perfect for the job. For the bottles, here’s what to do: Get a scissors and blade and of course your empty bottles.

An empty bottle
An empty bottle

– Using the blade, slice a small section at the centre of the bottle.

– Use the scissors to completely cut open the bottle.

– Then still using the scissors, punch holes at the bottom of the bottle for drainage purposes

DIY container for plants
DIY container for plants

If you are getting the pots from a local horticulturist, you can just ask them to fill the pot with soil for planting, you may also have to do that if you are using old containers, especially if you are living in a concrete jungle and there is no earth to dig from. P.S. If your pots will be in the kitchen make sure to have a flat plate to catch the water when it drains to avoid a messy kitchen.


I’ll split this into edible plants and ornamental plants: For edible plants, seeds that are great to plant. I’m not sure how easily accessible these seeds are but I have it on good authority there are some seeds at the Shoprite in Lekki. You can also save seeds from any fruits you buy at the market. Some plants that you can have in your kitchen space: Basil(Efinrin), Pepper, Cilantro, water-leaf, peppermint, some vegetables, lettuce.

For ornamental plants which will be great on your balcony, are available as usual from your roadside horticulturist, some good ones are hydrangeas  ( they could grow wild in the earth but put inside a pot and they should be well contained and still blossom well), lilies, Duranta sapphires. You can also always ask your horticulturist for recommendations.

Duranta Sapphires.
Duranta Sapphires.
This pretty plant that I do not know its name.

– Make sure your plants receive sunlight, so situate your container near a window or in the direction of the sun.

– Water your plants at least once a day.

– Make sure to trim plants when they start growing too big for the container. This is really the only downside to container gardening, some plants will not grow to their full potential because of the constraints of the pot.

Inspiration: Source unknown.
Inspiration: Source unknown.

So I will come back later with another post on “Greening” your apartment, meanwhile let me know if this post helped at all and you decided to utilize your green thumb or if you’ll need me to tweak the post a bit.

You can drop a comment here or email me at

Thanks 🙂

Love and everything lush.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashoosha M. says:

    Hello I’m very happy to read this. I am thinking of starting an apartment garden and I understand what you mean by the lack of information. Thank you!

  2. Stephanie says:

    yay! A gardening blog. I’m not particularly into gardening, but I’ve always thought/known I would eventually be because of how much I hate sub par food. This is necessary in Lagos. Please do you know how much these pots would go for now small to medium, Not sure I’m ready for the big stuff yet.

    1. 'Loba says:

      Hi Stephanie, so sorry for replying so late, these pots go for 500-1500 depending on where you find them.

  3. Nor says:

    I’m building a terrarium for my indoor plants. I’ve started and now realize that I have no where to put it,lol. I wish I could grow moss in it.

  4. tomi says:

    why am I just reading this now?

    Lovely. You make me want to start planting…. However, this planting life may not be for me x_x

    🙂 (y)

    Hope ya broadcasting ya blog? Good stuff!!!

  5. kovieparker says:

    I’m ready! Thanks babe.

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