For when you are in Calabar

So in today’s edition of who wants to be a millionaire………………

sorry wrong blog.

For the past 5 months or so I have been in Calabar, in a very remote village in Calabar, and I don’t usually have anything to do except work and the occasional cooking I get up to.

Sometime last week I was feeling a lot down and out, jaded and tired of my work and I needed something to cheer me up, luckily for me I came across this recipe on and I decided to try it seeing as I was in Calabar and I was hungry.

Here is the recipe on Afrolems, but when I went to the market I didn’t find shrimps and snails and Shaki(tripe) so I substituted for readily available.


– Okro (chopped and pounded)

– Six pieces of beef

– 1 cup of …..

This, I do not know what it’s called.

– 1 cup of ponmo

– Ugwu (pumpkin leaves) chopped

– Chopped Uziza leaves

– Stockfish

– Dried crayfish

– Knorr maggi

– Salt

– 5 Atarodo (scotch bonnet pepper) (chopped)

– Palm oil


So I basically seasoned and boiled the beef, ponmo, snail-likr things and stockfish till it was soft, then I added the pepper and crayfish, tasted to make sure it was on point.

then I added the okro and uziza and ugwu, let it simmer for a bit(like 30 seconds) then I put the palm-oil and stirred it and left to simmer on low heat.


Then I served with yellow garri. Tenzzz





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  1. Mfoluwa says:

    chai!!!!!! You musto cook this one when you get home oh

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