Loooong overdue Post.

I’m sorry, then I’m Sorry again.
Back to the matter.
So I stopped but I’m back here.
Anyway, I’ve been away from my garden for so long I’m sure things have happened to it that are not mentionable.

This past weekend I’ve been consulting for a park and I was at their bird and butterfly garden, such a lush lush place!!
The plants there 🙂
The only thing I wished was that the plants were labelled but, I will endeavour to find the names of all of them.
So many exotic plants I’ve never seen in my short life. Less talk, the pictures should do the talking and it doesn’t even do the place justice!

IMG_20140927_101240 IMG_20140927_121745

IMG_20140927_101602 IMG_20140927_124011 IMG_20140927_101224 IMG_20140927_082048 IMG_20140927_082018 IMG_20140927_081933 IMG_20140927_081833 IMG_20140927_081720 IMG_20140927_081712 IMG_20140927_081605 IMG_20140927_080945 IMG_20140927_080941 IMG_20140927_080926

I’ll be back soon to talk about my nursery and my garden.

Share love and eat cucumbers.

Love and everything Green and Lush.



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