What do I say?


I keep apologising for not writing here but I have a really good reason this time, if you remember in my very first post about me studying, Welllll…………… I’m happy to say I have finally put that aspect of my life to rest and I’m a graduate *preening* which means hopefully more time at home and more time in my garden which I’m very happy about, the rains are already coming and I’ll be a bad tenderer if I haven’t done some much needed planting.

Most of my Lemon grass had dried up and rotten so I did some cleaning up and oh the tangy fragrance of the grass almost made me just leave it there but what had to be done had to be done.


Luckily for me a couple of days ago someone helped me cut the grass and weed in my patch so I didn’t have to do any of that for myself (I’m really lazy about that).

So I finally planted some chives, Oregano and Iceberg Lettuce before the mosquitoes finished me and I did some transplanting of some of my pretty Hydrangeas. i also found some pleasant surprise cucumber plants in my patch. yaay!!


I tried propagating some of my Hydrangeas and Duranta sapphires from the stem. I do hope I did that right, anyway its in the soil right now so fingers crossed and hopefully getting its much needed nutrient and it won’t die on me.

So in my new year resolutions one of them was to start a small project which I’ll be doing soon and I’ll be posting updates soon.


Share love and eat cucumbers.

Love and Greens



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