Tuesday treats

Random interesting things I found on the inter webs this week.


1. In the process of choosing trees for your garden, it is important to know if they are natives or immigrant trees. It is important to know which will cater to the feeding of wildlife present in your vicinity. Read more here

2. Stumbled on a breathtaking garden that looks like something out of Disney’s storybook.
Innisfree garden was initially designed by Walter, an artist then later by Lester Collins, a landscape designer who used a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and modernist principles. Check out more pictures here

3. The life history of a man who was a great patron of historic landscapes and conservation. His works highlights the importance of administrative duties in landscaping, especially as he was a major driving force behind the £12m restoration if Chiswick house and its gardens in West London. Read more about him here

4. DIY window boxes
Living in an urban area? Dreaming of those amazing, eye catching window boxes? Why not make it a reality with this quick and easy DIY by Meredith. More pictures and directions here

On a final note, Christmas is almost here, I can already smell it first thing in the morning and late in the evening, though you can argue that I’m only smelling grass right before it rains, and what is with it still raining at this time of the year in Lagos?

Story book gardens.

Love and greens


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