Biology and Beginnings.

I’m going back to the basics learning Biology, not because I feel like learning it and I’m not supposed to forget something like that right?? Unfortunately I have like most things in my life.
Anyway life has happened, and I realized I’m becoming an adult and I have to make a living and I want to do it right.
If I’m going to veer into horticulture/Plant tendering (love that name.) I’m a Plant tenderer.
This is just a mini direction I’m taking in my life right now majorly because of the University strike and I almost have nothing else to do.
So I want to learn Plants well! Well enough that I won’t be just another horticulturist and I’ll actually know what I’m saying when I talk shop with clients.
I should know plants and the characteristics and their names and under what class they fall under.
Most importantly I should know what sort of plants thrive in this part of the world.
Good luck to me in my quest.

Love and Greens.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Holleygarden says:

    Yes, good luck to you. I bet you’ll do great – you already love the subject matter!

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