Back to life.

20130828_084034So this little picture you see here is a testimony of my laziness, but I’m grateful the gods decided to look down on me and was merciful even in my laziness.

I’ve had this plant for a while now and I still do not know its name but that’s not the point. It had taken root in a comfortable place now while i decided (for good reasons) to take it from its comfort zone because I planted yams beside it and the yam leaves were taking over.

Within hours, the plant started drying up, and I was completely sad because I have basically abandoned my little patch and I guess this was its way of saying “how dare you!” but as I have come to learn plants are pretty resilient and this one proved that to me, I’m happy to report that IT IS BACK!!!

Half past dead

What I’m trying to say is, Plants are pretty resilient in the right conditions and I for one I’m glad they are.

Love and Greens



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  1. Pretty and tough — a nice combination!

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