Things I like… freshness.

So I want to start something new here where I put up stuff I like, it may or may not be gardening but it definitely will be green, everything relating to landscape architecture… so enjoy.
I hope it will be regular like weekly kind of regular but let’s see how my life take me.
Oh yea I forgot to mention that I got the inspiration from here so you can check that out to. Love that blog.
Beautiful Pemi sent this link to me a long time ago and I always go here to just fantasize, plus it is related to a little creative thing I’m trying to do with my friend J *fingers crossed*
container gardening enjoy.


Isn’t this the cutest slug? Can’t remember the link I found it but it is actually a real slug and its only found in one part of the world that seems to escape my mind right now.


Random instagram photo of a lantana. I always gush about the freshness of the scent of this plant. Smells like teen spirit and opportunities.


Lantana from my garden 🙂


Did a little research for my project on school on protecting forests and these Chipko women literally stood around these trees to protect them from being cut down, this was way back in 1970 in the Himalayas. It became a thing and it was called The Chipko movement.

Oh well, this is all I have for now.


Random pretty picture.

Love and Greens


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  1. theshroomrsandss says:

    Oh! Yes, lantanas; we have a lot of those in the bushveld next door – always put on a pretty display 🙂

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