Students’ Competition – 3rd IFLA Africa Symposium 2013


Calling students to apply for this competition.

IFLA News Brief

Students’ Competition

Productive landscapes

Land degradation is a major threat to the performance of both rural and urban landscapes. Massive deforestation, overgrazing, polluted water bodies, uncontrolled fishing, peasant farming rooted in bush burning, uncoordinated mining, oil spillage and sprawling urbanization are typical man made disasters. These are compounded by flooding, ocean surges, erosion and desertification driven by climate change phenomenon. Restorative solutions still consider sustainable land management defined as combination of “technologies, policies and activities aimed at integrating socioeconomic principles with environmental concerns so as to enhance natural resource base production systems, protect the natural resource base, be economically viable and socially acceptable” relevant. (Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Land Management, 1991).

Students are invited to creatively provide economically viable and socially acceptable productive landscape design and planning solutions to degraded land areas. Participants are expected to focus on a geo referenced site that has experienced major natural or anthropogenic land…

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