First of its kind. The garden show.

It was a 2 day event and I went for one day while I wished I went for both days I was blown away by the array of plants available in Nigeria.


First I didn’t even know there was a garden and flower club of Nigeria and I was impressed. It was founded by Mrs Winihin Ayuli-Jemide of the WJSeries.
I only stayed for the open exhibitions.


I was particularly impressed by the arrangements of the plants and flowers. While it was advertised that you can buy at ridiculously low prices I didn’t think anything was ridiculously low. I didn’t find any plant below 1000 naira and for a student like me that is not affordable.

This cactus was priced at 10000 naira

Another issue I had was that the plants were not labelled and I had trouble recognising them. The most popular plants were orchids.


They had this nice arrangement of edible garden at the Primi Piatti stand


And this cute yellow Volkswagen filed with plants






There was a book unveiling, speeches, a chef demonstration at the Primi Patti, tutorials on gardening. It was a fun experience and I was so glad I was a part of it.



So the garden show was the first in the series and I’m so glad cuo sent me the flyer.

Lovely array of succulents.


Love and greens


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  1. Mfoluwa says:

    Nicee.. Beautiful. WHy didn’t you invite me? *rme*

  2. I used to attend the MANTS show in Baltimore maryland every year for work lucky me i had the nursery charge card and as a buyer of items in bulk i got wonderful prices. Now i am olsd and grey and i have to pay full price unless i go to Annapolis to see my son who manages a very large nursery lucky mom he recently gave me a ninebark which i had never seen now i an obsessed with them!

  3. Cuo says:

    I’m glad you went.

    10k for a cactus??? Ummm…

    I’m not pleased with the amount of astro turf going on. What I would like to see is a beautifully landscaped permanent site with show gardens and a nursery.

    Fantastic start, hoping for bigger and better shows.

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