For the love of cooking….IWUK EDESI.


Ahhh, the reason for this blog!!… lool, no but part of…

I love cooking, I don’t get to cook as often as I’d love to so when I do I always want to enjoy the process of buying the ingredients, to preparation, to the actual cooking( which is not much work btw) the preparation is the real cooking. somebody say yea!!

Well, my friend Dudu introduced me to this recipe called IWUK EDESI it is a locally prepared jollof rice that originated from Calabar in Nigeria and I had such fun cooking it the first time, my family asked  begged me to cook it a second time.

Now when I wrote down the recipe, I forgot to write the instructions so when I cooked it the first time I basically winged it and added and remove some ingredients. This second time too I did the same thing BECAUSE I didn’t remember what I did the first time.

Original ingredients

– 2 cups of rice

1 medium Ikong or ugwu (please what is ugwu in English?) I used Efinrin(African Basil) instead

6 pieces of beef

– half cup of smoked shrimps

– 2 cooking spoons of tomatoes

– half teaspoon of dried pepper

– 1 cooking spoon of palm-oil

– 1 teaspoon of ground crayfish

1 crayfish seasoning tablet

1 beef seasoning cubes

– 1 litre of water

– salt to taste

First time pictures..

The first time...
The first time…
Iwuk Edesi
Iwuk Edesi
Shrimp so and so
Shrimp so and so

So yesss for the second time we didn’t have shrimps so I used snails.. I just love how I can cook something and every time I do it comes out differently from the first time, usually that is why I don’t like following exact measurements. I love the surprise.

new addition for the second try..
new addition for the second try..

Added sweet peas this time, since I cooked my mango fish and shrimps stir-fry I have started loving the sweet and sour taste in food!! and it was also a hit with my sister.


fresh from the garden (Basil)
fresh from the garden (Basil)


original ingredient list.
original ingredient list.


steaming pot..
steaming pot..


Pot of GOld
Pot of Gold

Verdict: My people seem to think the first time was the best, but the sweet pea was a plus this second time, so maybe its a tie. Maybe just maybe third time will be golden!!


Love and Greens



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    I found your blog by searching Canna Lillie’s. living in Vermont USA is not very tropical so I have mine in a large pot! I love your blog n’pics , look forward to following…peace. Linda

    1. 'Loba says:

      thanks a lot Linda.

  2. Liz says:

    The first time I ever ate Jollof rice was when I attended a conference in Accra, Ghana. It was delicious so I know exactly what you are talking about, when you say Jollof rice. They both look delicious to me. Thanks for reminding me about Jollof rice. have a great weekend!!

    1. 'Loba says:

      It is such a pleasure you know what I am talking about, and I’m also glad you loved it, have a lovely weekend you too 🙂

  3. jayajade says:

    Ugwu in English is/are bitter leaf/pumpkin leaves 🙂 Definitely going to try this 🙂

    1. 'Loba says:

      Thanks love 🙂

  4. JJC says:

    Whoops! nice. It looks so good. Pls invite me na. Are you ready for another recipe?

    1. 'Loba says:

      Haha! You know you are always welcome..I’m ready o!!

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