Basil and Efinrin, same difference I know.

Sweet Basil

Now for my foreign readers, this picture above is the basil you will be used to. In a previous post I said how a friend of mine gave me some seeds which sweet basil was part of. I didn’t plant it till some weeks back and this is it blooming right now and I noticed it was different from my own specie of Basil which we locally call Efinrin.

Efinrin at its baby stages.
Efinrin at its baby stages.
A much bigger one.


– My local Efinrin has larger leaves and it doesn’t have the shiny look the sweet basil has.

– Efinrin has a stronger scent than the sweet basil which is more subtle.

for now while the sweet basil is still growing, that is all the differences I can make out.

Love and Greens



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  1. Ije says:

    Hi, I am so glad I came across your blog. I love sweet basil and can’t find it in any shops. I would love to know how your sweet basil plant fared. I live in Nigeria and I would love to grow some herbs especially the sweet basil.


    1. 'Loba says:

      hello, thanks a lot 🙂 i had it sent from america and it did veryyy well actually. I’m not sure where to get it from here though. another option is to plant Efirin, which is the locally grown one, it is just as great as sweet basil. All the best.

  2. Liz says:

    I like learning new things. So thanks for this information, much appreciated!!!

  3. CathyT says:

    This is fascinating and it looks very different ‘Loba. Can you find out what the Latin name for Efinrin is? That would help curious people like me to understand the relationship with our sweet basil.
    Enjoying your different viewpoint on gardening!

    1. 'Loba says:

      yaay me! I finally found the Latin name. it is called Ocimum gratissimum, clove Basil or African Basil.

  4. Haven’t heard of Efinrin but have grown basil many times. I found your site from Blooming Blogs. Nice to meet you.

    1. 'loba says:

      so nice to meet you too, and I’m glad I get to add to your vocabulary.

  5. Thanks for the new vocab and congratutions on your pretty basil plants! I just planted some today!

  6. Interesting. Never heard of Efinrin.

    1. 'loba says:

      It is the native name of Basil where I come from. New word added to your vocabulary 🙂

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