This week….It’s a new month

It is so hot right now usually 31⁰C but it feels like 41⁰C during the day and about 29⁰C at night, but the rain still manages to fall sporadically, which is really good for my little garden which means I do not have to always get up to water my plants. So all I do most times is the occasional weeding.
Also when I designed my garden I dug around a drainage path to let water flow but I realized now that instead of the water flowing well, it actually just washes away the nutrients of my soil so now most of my plants roots are exposed. lesson learnt.
I usually do not have a coordinated planting system or what to plant but I have cultivated quite a number of plants and I’m updating on their current progress.

Plant list

Canna Lillies; this is taking over my little garden I even had to take some out that had grown too tall they looked out of proportion. Basically life is good for the canna lilies if you just water them, they have no trouble been in any type of soil.

Coriander; now my coriander died about last week due to snails, no matter what I do, the snails just find a way into my little patch and it is stressing. though I had originally planted them in containers I transplanted into the soil and some died after that must have been the stress of the move. I think the coriander doesn’t like too much of my kind of sun [which is very harsh on a good day] I just planted a new batch so I’m hoping for better results.

My little Coriander
My little Coriander just before the massacre by snails.

Water melons; since I planted them about a week ago no stress, they have been sprouting beautifully and I hope for a better and lasting relationship with them. I planted them in full sunlight and I haven’t had issues, I just water them regularly morning and evening.



Pineapples; I haven’t seen any progress on them yet but I hope magic is happening under the soil where I can’t see anything. fingers crossed. What I read said I shouldn’t have too much trouble with them so I’m hoping for no stress.

Mexican heather; same as my Canna lilies, growing beautifully. I recently uprooted a flourishing one and propagated them else where, while some are a little slow others are doing just great and didn’t feel the move.

Coleus; I have just one plant of this in my garden so I take care not to let anything happen to it because it brings so much colour into my otherwise dull patch but lately I noticed holes in my leaves and I applied a little natural insecticide I made I really hope it works or if anyone has suggestions on what is really wrong here I’ll be grateful.

see the holes in my coleus..

Basil; since I cut out the leaves that were infected with Aphids I have seen better results my leaves look great, and big. loving my Basil the most right now. except for the yellowing of the bottom leaves, but that is normal right?


Pepper; not much to update on my pepper, just that they DO NOT like full sun so please plant them under shades if you are planting peppers. the one I planted under the shade is doing way better than the others.

Peppermint; after so much lamenting about how my peppermints never germinated one finally did and I’m so happy it did, I almost gave up. I planted some more so I’m hoping for new ones soon.

One peppermint looking good…

Lemongrass; We have always had lemongrass in our yard so I just transplanted some and not much to report yet.. I also had some seeds and I decided to plant them, so far no progress yet.

Garlic; Took one garlic in my kitchen today and stuck it into the soil, let’s see how that goes.

Beetroot-; My mother planted some beetroot in my patch and it looks good.


My tomatoes are doing great, I hope to get a rich harvest soon, though I think they are a little too slow or maybe it is because I’m constantly watching and waiting to see progress.

My Aloe Vera looks GREAT!! I don’t water them for daysss and they keep looking just as good as ever. They are Succulents hence they conserve as much moisture as they can so even if you forget to water them for a while they do not wither and die. They are also great container plants.

Also the various ornamental plants I have are looking good, will post some other pictures later.

Bright yellow

I’m hoping to go to my new garden to establish a couple of plants there too.

Love and Greens



10 Comments Add yours

  1. Lola says:

    Hello! Just stumbled on your blog trying to find Kale in! So impressed with your knowledge on gardening…I wanted to ask where you buy your Basil (like the one used in Thai curries), coriander, parsely and peppermint leaves. I want to grow a mini garden with fresh herbs. I havent been able to find them here and I dont even know their local name…Can you pls help? Thanks 🙂

  2. Have you tried coffee grinds in a circle around the plant to keep those annoying slugs and snails away? It also is a great fertiliser. Done that to some of my annuals. Not 100% it works, but I have had no problems of the plants being eaten. I also at the moment might not have any snails.

  3. Try crushed egg shell around you coriander. It may help deter the snails

    1. 'loba says:

      Ah! Thanks I’ll try that, though I just surround it with plastic for protection.

  4. Great garden! You are the first individual I have ever heard to report growing peppermint from seed — impressive! I think you are right about the coriander not liking strong sun. I believe that it is generally a cool weather plant. Have you tried growing African Blue Basil? It’s a great culinary plant, bees love it, and it’s tough.

    1. 'loba says:

      The peppermint took so long I almost gave up! Thankfully I didn’t. Though we have Basil here I’m not sure of the particular specie, and my major issue is getting seeds, a lot of people are not in the gardening business so its tough.

  5. a3acrefarm says:

    So sorry about your coriander. What smells better than that… unless it’s basil!

    1. 'loba says:

      Thank you 🙂

  6. Mfoluwa says:

    Oho! Seeeeen!

  7. jayajade says:

    aww mama’s getting in on the action 🙂

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