White wine Sangria

Every one who knows me knows my love for anything food and drinks, so in the spirit of that I will also once in a while post some of my ‘inventions’

Unfortunately I didn’t get these fruits from my little garden, but I hope I will next time.

So I had a bottle of white wine laying around the house and I decided to chop some fruits in it.

–  3 Apples

– 1 Pineapple

– 1 Pear apples

– 5 Oranges

– 2 teaspoons of Lime

– 1 can of Sprite

So this is really easy to make and you can chop a variety of fruits as long as they are compatible, meaning do not chop bananas in your sangria.

chopped fruits

I chopped all my fruits in a large jar, poured in the wine, let it sit till the next day added my sprite, poured it in a glass and dumped some ice-cubes in it.

options; you can add a little sugar if you still want it sweetened. yes then the recipe I was supposed to be following asked for some brandy but I didn’t have so I didn’t bother my self. it was also red wine, but I decided to use what I had.

there was also the problem of my not measuring anything I put it in, but hey, live a little right?

voilà…. White sangria.

Sangria…peep my Moringa leaves at the back? post coming up soon.

Love and Greens



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  1. Sounds delicious, we’re going to have to make this. My sister-in-law is from Spain, and she makes red sangria, but I think she’s happily try this.

    1. 'loba says:

      It was delicious!! personally I prefer this.

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