Basil update and the plants in my garden

unknown plant… bright yellow

As usual if anyone knows this plant, drop a note in the comments section.

Canna lilies… flowers keep dropping off and start producing this green balls, I think they are the seeds.



This is the latest picture of my Basil, after I kept pinching off the infected leaves, hope fully it stays this way, if not I will finally resort to the natural insecticide I talked about in the last post

before and after.
before and after.
Basil looking fresh.
Canna lilies after the rain
tried to do a little adjusting.

When it rained sometime last week my Canna lilies which are so tall right now all went down, so I used a stick and some ropes to keep it upright, I won’t say it worked well but it achieved something.

Love and Greens



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