Having a little more faith

Yesterday I was discouraged, because it seemed like the garden was just looking bare and not great anyway.
My sister tried to encourage me and I really appreciated that meant a lot to me.
So I decided to just shed that unhealthy spirit and keep it going.
The weather right now is definitely bad for plants, they all look like they are wilting and sad 😦
I remember now that I have a plant that is growing fantastically but I still don’t know its name, it has these cute violet flowers and I think its a creeping plant because it is not growing upward.

My cute little violet flowers. Name anyone?

Anyway I found the name for my seeds, Eeru I asked about earlier here they are called XYLOPIA AETHIOPICA, though I found like 3 different common names I like Euthopian pepper fruit best.
My faith in my garden is keeping me going.

Love and Greens


One Comment Add yours

  1. JJC says:

    Gardening requires patience. I’m sure when everything starts blossoming, you will be chuffed!

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