Uneasy lies the Head that wears the Crown

The Landscape Architect is GOD!! Don’t argue, just accept it. When my Lecturer explained the whole concept of God, Carpenter, Artist. Well substitute Carpenter for Architect and I was super impressed. I feel like a freaking God! Haha! I am a GOD!
Being a student, your time is almost always not your own and mine is no different. Now I’m dealing with some course work and my Thesis, the first quarter of next year will be a mess.
There really isn’t much for me to update since I’ve been away from my garden since Friday, though I’m waiting for my herbs to germinate so no harm done….yet!
Meanwhile I made a list of vegetables to plant at my new garden, just waiting for the six weeks to be up and move to the next step.
See how I’m using too much ‘waiting’ in every paragraph, we might as well change it from Gardening to Waiting.
I think I want to have a name for my garden, suggestions?
Annnyway!!! Too much waiting not enough action and I’m prepped for action!!

Love and Greens


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