Merry Christmas

Its 30 mins to Christmas and I have been away for a week feels like forever, first thing I did when I got back was to go check my precious little plants and I’m so happy to say they have grown, pictures tomorrow..before and now pictures.

My friend Dudu gave me some seeds Whoop!!! and I will try them in little pots first before transplanting because I want to monitor them properly, don’t know when next I will get some of those seeds.

I didn’t expect my blog to even get any views so I really appreciate my readers and those who leave comments, especially those that help. Merry Christmas and a very very Happy and fulfilled New Year.

Love and Greens



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ricki Grady says:

    Hope you had a lovely holiday, and that you will let us watch those seeds as they progress.

    1. 'loba says:

      Oh yes I will!! Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Souterman27 says:

    o/k so what are the seeds where will they end up growing, so many unanswered questions. Have fun with your endevours.

    1. 'loba says:

      I will do a proper post on that later. thank you so much.

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