Doing it right this time.

In my last post I talked about starting my new garden, well I went there today and I’m happy to say its looking good, though it doesn’t look like it is.

my patch after the first round of watering.

so anyway I went to google as usual and went armed. the idea was to remove weed from my patch without having to break my back.

My patch had too much weed so I had to cut it down a bit.

– Then I wet the soil [this time I don’t have clay soil whoop!!] so I’m sure I wont need any extra treatment

– After I laid old calenders over the area completely covering the every part.

– The I wet the calendar and covered it with plastic bags holding it down with stones.

calendars and plastic bags.

So I’m to let it sit/cook for 6 weeks then turn the soil and add 3 inches of compost and cover it back up for another 4 weeks then its completely cooked and ready to plant.

So countdown 6 weeks from now, while I work on my little not-so garden.

I found this plant close by and I like it but I don’t know its name, anyone please help? Not sure if its weed.

beautiful right? Help!!

Random; We humans don’t really have any original thought, I’m sure we came up with the idea of colour-blocking from plants, can you see it? Biomimicry anyone?

Please leave comments and extra tips, I could do with that. what did I miss? Did I do it right?

Love and Greens



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