This is a mild rant.

Yes I mentioned how this gardening process is teaching me patience, uugh I actually want to tear out my braids because its taking forever for my Queen of the night to bloom, the botanist I bought it from promised me the loveliest fragrance at night I want it and I want it NOW!!

Asides my angst, when I stop to think its actually a very good feeling seeing what I’m nurturing sprouting albeit slowly, but I guess the creative process cannot be rushed right?

By the way, the Botanist that sells the plants didn’t even know the name of some of HIS plant, so I guess I shouldn’t take his word as law right? but I checked Google and yes I do have the right queen of the night so patience yea?

I have a problem with how things are in Nigeria but I’m not exactly articulate especially when I’m talking about issues and in this case, I don’t even know who to blame maybe me or the government, but it stems from when I was busy looking for inspiration for this my here little garden. anyway I should not blame anybody and just do me.

YES, I remember another issue I have, question really. Are there any plants native to Nigeria? see why I have a problem with the government, no proper database. uugh!

Alright, I’m actually not doing much in my little garden because its just a stepping stone and we are moving house soon and I’m preparing the new place for my coming…bigger and better so I have a list of to-do’s and I want to do it right this time. should update next week.

I think I have covered all I need to say….. For now.

Love and Greens



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  1. b-a-g says:

    Knowing the latin names of plants is what separates botanists from ordinary human beings. Are you sure he’s a botanist ? Are you even sure if he is your friend ??

    1. 'loba says:

      LOL, questions that beg answers, good thing I have you and Google.

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