Scented plants, Ixoras’ and going native.

Finding the English name for some of my plants isn’t beans(Ewa). took me ages to find the name of my dear scented Efinrin and I’m sure I still don’t have the botanical name for the particular one in my backyard.

We used to have it at our backyard so since I decided to start my garden, I needed it too. its scent is so refreshing almost smells like Christmas.

Google told me to plant its seeds and I did. its been almost 2 weeks now and so many little things are sprouting and I am not so sure its my basil, so I went back to my trusted sidekick ‘Google’ for images and I saw this one that looks remotely like what i have in my garden, so i guess I’m on track. yaay me!!


I stumbled on this while with my bestie…

Tips when planting Basil also know in Yoruba (my native language) as Efinrin.

– Basils tolerate a wide range of PH, so basically any soil type is good, but the best is still loamy soil yea!

– Make sure your soil is nutritious, basically a proper organic soil with the basic nitrogen, phosphate and K [Potassium]

– Basil needs 4-6 hours of full sunlight daily

– And they love water, lots of it.

– Plus a well drained soil

– And you should wait till night time to plant.

OK, disclaimer, I’m still in my baby stages of planting Basil so don’t take this as law, because I’m winging it myself, i didn’t plant at night and I don’t even know if my soil is nutritious enough.

My neighbours have Ixora and Duranta so i decided to go steal take some, so i cut the stems and planted in my little not so garden and they all dried up, though I want to hope its taking root and later leaves will sprout because that is what happened to my other Ixora I took.

Well, I took this other plant and I need to know its name and I love it because it didn’t become a nuisance and dry up like the others.


Love and Greens



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