Patience, snails and Begonias.

Everything that could possibly be wrong is wrong with my little garden, I have the worst soil type,and I have absolutely no idea about what I’m doing but I’m pressing on.
Number one mistake, I put snails in my garden and they ate my begonias. Thankfully new leaves are growing.

20121212_081527 it’s so hard to see but I promise it’s there.
I’m still trying to know the names of my plants so I will speak with more authority haha!
So I found enough clay in my garden to make a pot, and I don’t know the usefulness of this yet but it will come to me.

Another serious lesson I’ve learnt is patience, I do not know how to wait and this waiting till my garden becomes a garden is killing me softly. All I do right now is weed and plant new plants hopefully I will be rewarded soon for my patience.

Love and greens


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  1. Hi and thanks for liking my blog. I am still confused about the snails – were they for eating? If so, put them in a box with a lid and feed them well, or they will eat your basil too! I never leave basil outside here in the UK – it gets eaten overnight by our snails… I’ll try and help you with your botanical names if I can and see if I can find out which plants are native to Nigeria. Kew should know…

    1. 'loba says:

      Hello, yes, eventually they were for eating, thanks will do that now. I will really appreciate any help, I’m basically clueless…

  2. b-a-g says:

    Hi Loba – Just wondering …. why did you put snails in your garden ?

    1. 'loba says:

      I think I will just chalk it up to ignorance and I just assumed if I fed them they won’t be tempted to wander. lesson learnt.

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