I’m shy….

I’m a Landscape Architecture student and I’m shy. I still haven’t mastered the art of defending my project, I get jitters everytime I have to do it. and starting this blog is a bold step for me, someone who said I will never start one.

I’m trying my hands at gardening, which is an ittybitty part of the conundrum called Landscape Architecture. some other time I will explain to you why LA is a conundrum.

This is my journey with gardening and my trials and errors, my joy when my purple flower that I don’t know its botanical name bloomed, my floundering with the names of plants, and my sweat and war with ants…


Love and Greens



8 Comments Add yours

  1. itune005 says:

    awwww…this is lovely
    cute blog too..
    its a pleasure to have you here

  2. Godwin says:

    Nice Tobi! Looking forward to more posts and the growth of little lady blossom

  3. David Mandel says:

    I’m also Glad you’re doing this :D.
    Kudos Babe I’m Proud!

  4. jayajade says:

    So glad you’re doing this.. 🙂

    1. 'loba says:

      thank you babe.

  5. ukeje kelechi says:

    Tobi ooooo… Good writeup. U completely killed me @ “my joy when my purple flower that I don’t know its botanical name bloomed”… Laft my behind off. Keep it up. I like… 😉

    1. 'loba says:

      Kelechi i actually made you laugh omg I’m honoured. thanks for coming here too.

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