I am on a slightly different path in my life right now, not so different but quite different.

So, I will not be posting as often as I would have wished and as I planned to at the beginning of this year. Please bear with me at some point in my life this new path I’m forging and this here path will merge and all will be well with the universe again.

Maybe, just maybe this new path will even bring me closer to the bigger plans I have for this darling blog.

Only time my friends, will tell.

Share love and eat cucumbers.

All Love and everything green and lush

What do I say?

I keep apologising for not writing here but I have a really good reason this time, if you remember in my very first post about me studying, Welllll…………… I’m happy to say I have finally put that aspect of my life to rest and I’m a graduate *preening* which means hopefully more time at home and more time in my garden which I’m very happy about, the rains are already coming and I’ll be a bad tenderer if I haven’t done some much needed planting.

Most of my Lemon grass had dried up and rotten so I did some cleaning up and oh the tangy fragrance of the grass almost made me just leave it there but what had to be done had to be done.


Luckily for me a couple of days ago someone helped me cut the grass and weed in my patch so I didn’t have to do any of that for myself (I’m really lazy about that).

So I finally planted some chives, Oregano and Iceberg Lettuce before the mosquitoes finished me and I did some transplanting of some of my pretty Hydrangeas. i also found some pleasant surprise cucumber plants in my patch. yaay!!


I tried propagating some of my Hydrangeas and Duranta sapphires from the stem. I do hope I did that right, anyway its in the soil right now so fingers crossed and hopefully getting its much needed nutrient and it won’t die on me.

So in my new year resolutions one of them was to start a small project which I’ll be doing soon and I’ll be posting updates soon.


Share love and eat cucumbers.

Love and Greens


Hello, Good morning.

I had been away from home so my garden and my blog had suffered, thankfully the rain did all the work.

So this morning I had been working, continuing from last night and just now I decided to stand up from staring at the laptop and wishing my Google sketch-up will stop been so slow and of course stretch my legs and what did I see…?



20140127_105627My Hydrangea had started flowering, Bless people.



Love and Greens


End of year review and New year resolutions…

I basically started my gardening this year and it has been a topsy-turvy ride. Good today, bad tomorrow, worse the next.

I battled ants (the bigger the better), snails, and  mosquitoes but with research I found a suitable solution for some of the pests like the one that plagued my Efirin.

before and after.

before and after.

I also found out planting lemon grass help to reduce the menace that are mosquitoes


I battled lack of growth in most of my herbs, lettuces, watermelons. The ones that started growing rotted 20130715_195745 or didn’t grow to its full sizewpid-20130530_084701.jpgBut those that did well, did fantastically well 1424321_669227223107498_2098875224_n My watermelons that just kept growing, taking up space and didn’t bring forth any fruits (I hail o!)

Most of my seeds my aunt sent to me didn’t do well, I blame the weather and probably lack of proper care from me and treatment of the soil.

The sweet-corn the insects dealt with, not forgetting the snails.20130925_085232

Also for the places I went to check out plants, Shodex gardens, my very own horticulturist at the back of my house Yinka, and the amazing garden show.wpid-20130622_140636.jpg

In all, I’m grateful for the online support, from my blooming blog community, Cu_o and Sabirah ( still waiting on your guest post Sab)

While most of my readers are not in Nigeria as I really hoped for a more Nigerian centred audience its all good still and I’m still grateful for them.

It hasn’t been easy updating the blog regularly especially when most times I don’t have much to say.


Fresh tomatoes from the garden




Thank you!!

Onto the new year, I usually do not bother making new year resolutions but this year I’m like whatever let’s do this!

So here is what I hope for the new year for my garden and of course the blog.

In no particular order really.

  • I designed a new space for gardening so that’s where I’ll be focusing most of my energy. 20131231_104707
  • I’m trying to incorporate an elevated garden and a bird bath so new projects yaaay!!
  • Also want to try my hands at grafting.
  • Building a proper compost pit.
  • Reach a wider Nigerian audience.
  • Start my little container garden project
  • I have some sour sop seeds I kept putting off planting, going to do that this new year.
  • Getting more people to guest post on here: So if you are in Nigeria and you have a garden or a space and you want to chip something in on here, please feel free to contact me Thanks!!

Here’s to a great, fabulous and GREEN 2014.


Duranta, it has the sweetest vanilla scent! shalla to Cu_o for this Duranta!!


Love and greens